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Heason Technology at Drives & Controls Exhibition 2014

Heason Technology will demonstrate its expertise in positioning mechanics and motion system design, manufacture and assembly with a series of working exhibits that bring together products and components from many of its distribution partners as co

These include a concept rotary actuator that delivers Ethernet from fixed to rotating sections through an integral slip ring assembly and a multi-axis demonstrator that combines linear and rotary direct drive motors in a fascinating display of tightly synchronised motion.

The concept high precision rotary actuator combines servomotor, gear unit, high resolution rotary encoder and slip ring components and could be applied to several application areas within aerospace, defence or other industries where high-precision high-torque rotary motion is required with feed through of power, instrumentation, high bandwidth fieldbus or RF level signals. These might include target tracking, antenna positioning, inertial sensor testing or be part of multi-axis pick and place machines with integrated vision or sensor systems. The motion and slip ring components supplied by Heason Technology’s distribution partners include a direct drive torque motor and a gear unit from the innovative TwinSpin® series that features a unique trochoidal gear reduction system with an integral heavy duty axial/radial bearing arrangement that autonomously supports the full driven shaft load. The slip ring assembly is part of a wide range available from Heason, supplied as separate slip ring and brush units or as packaged assemblies with up to 96 circuits for transmission of electrical signals, video signals, field buses etc. and power up to 50A and beyond. Heason take these precision motion components and marry them into complete motion subsystems through its own in-house design and build capability at its Slinfold production facility.

The second demonstration brings together motion components from Kollmorgen based around its KAS (Kollmorgen Automation Suite) that controls two rotary and two linear direct drive motors that intersect through a series of gear wheels to highlight coordinated motion. As a Gold Partner with Kollmorgen Europe, Heason Technology shares a combined commitment to ensure its technical and sales support teams receive regular Kollmorgen product and systems training, and guarantees a competitive pricing policy combined with rapid product availability across Kollmorgen’s comprehensive range of motors, drives and motion & machine application control software.

Heason will also be demonstrating a selection of motion products and components from its wide range. These include servo and stepper motors with associated drives and motion controls, linear and rotary positioning mechanics, linear and rotary encoders, ceramic servo motors and positioning stages, high precision gearboxes, rotary actuators and slip ring assemblies. 

Visit Heason Technology at the Drives & Controls Exhibition – NEC, Birmingham from 8th-10th April in Hall 3, Stand D192.

Article published on: 31/03/2014