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Press Release

Heason Technology at Drives and Controls 2016

Heason Technology will be at Drives and Controls 2016 from 12-14 April 2016 on Stand D192.

Heason Technology will present its capability for the complete design and build of customised motion systems with a fully functioning hexapod demonstration based on EtherCAT decentralised control as well as a comprehensive selection of electronic and mechanical motion components from its distribution partners.

The hexapod (parallel robot) demonstration rig features six fully synchronised servo-electric actuators in a Stewart Platform geometry that executes pre-programmed motion sequences through an EtherCAT master, or can be configured to mirror the movement of a manually controlled ‘mini –hexapod’ acting as a joystick, with feedback derived from six identically arranged linear position sensors. The complete rig was designed and built by Heason Technology using its in-house systems integration service - combining precision positioning mechanics, servo drives, servo motors and other motion components from partners - engineered as an advanced decentralised EtherCAT networked, multi-axis motion system.

The Hexapod demonstration rig includes Thomson PC-series high-precision linear servo-actuators driven by Kollmorgen AKM™ brushless servo motors with Elmo Motion’s ‘Gold’ Solo Whistle servo drives and a ‘Maestro’ series EtherCAT master controller synchronising motion and machine control throughout the machine. The result is an impressive and full ‘six degrees of freedom’ with translation in x, y and z, and rotation in pitch, yaw and roll. The manually controlled mini-hexapod features VLPSC series linear sensors, supplied by Variohm EuroSensor - Heason’s sister company in the Variohm Holdings Group. The rig moves and positons three 20-inch TFT video monitors as well as control power to a Bernoulli-effect fan blower that supports a ball throughout the movement of the hexapod.

Ethernet and EtherCAT-based motion as part of decentralised motion control systems will be strongly featured in this year’s show. Heason works closely with two of its distribution partners - Kollmorgen and Elmo Motion – in these increasingly popular application areas. Kollmorgen’s AKD–N decentralised drive systems feature a central power supply and robust IP67 rated servo drives, which can be placed close to the motor, even for harsh environmental conditions. With a single cable for power, brake control and feedback, these easily installed drives form part of sophisticated EtherCAT fieldbus-linked multi-axis motion systems. Elmo Motion’s Gold series servo drives come in a comprehensive range of high performance/high bandwidth models with multiple communication options that support EtherCAT, CANopen, USB and other Ethernet protocols for distributed motion.

Heason will also feature a comprehensive selection of precision mechanics, drives, controls and software-based motion equipment from many of its suppliers. As well as Kollmorgen and Elmo Motion products on view, other distribution partner brands will include Thomson Linear, Servotecnica, Allied Motion, Zetlex, Dover Motion and Spinea. Products showcased cover housed and frameless servo motors, direct drive servo motors together with servo drives and multi-axis motion systems. Planetary and zero backlash precision gearboxes will be available on view as well as precision linear actuators, linear and rotary positioning tables. Specialist products will include hygienic servo motors for the food industry and precision slip ring assemblies.

Visitors to stand D192 are very welcome to discuss component level motion solutions or complete multi –axis motion system requirements. Heason Technology’s sales engineering and technical teams will be on hand to show how the system integrator’s unique combination of in-house design and build blends with motion products, components and systems from a select group of globally recognised distribution partners to provide a flexible fast to market, solution based service.

Heason Technology’s applications span industry and research with a wealth of successful motion solutions that include military & aerospace test systems, medical & life sciences industrial production and test, packaging automation, marine & automotive engineering and more. Heason excels in specialist and challenging application areas such as synchrotron, imaging & photonics and UHV vacuum positioning systems where innovative integration of motion components and specially selected and prepared materials are often essential design requirements.

Article published on: 18/03/2016

Article last updated on: 18/03/2016