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Press Release

Heason Technology adds Gold Twitter to servo drive range

The recently announced Gold Twitter servo drive is available from motion systems specialists Heason Technology, Elmo Motion Control's UK distribution partner.

Thought to be the smallest high power servo drive available on the market today, its unprecedented power density delivers up to 4000 qualitative Watts in a package size of 18 grams and a volume of less than 13 cm3 with up to 99% efficiency and negligible EMI through proprietary FASST (Fast and Soft Switching) Technology. The miniature but exceptionally powerful drive is supplied in a wide range of voltage/current ratings up to 50 A/100 V, and also includes advanced servo capability and CANopen networking. Optional support for EtherCAT fieldbus networking allows multi-axis motion synchronisation and STO safety compliance. Expanded features also include a powerful internal breaking shunt resistor and multi extended I/O interface.

Aimed at applications where space really is at a premium and for motor mounted drive integration – or convenient siting on moving mechanics with negligible effect on load – the Gold Twitter servo drive can operate in current, velocity or position modes with brushed or brushless servomotors. Feedback availability is also advanced with support for single, dual and gantry loop for a wide choice of encoder and sensor types.

The Twitter is part of Elmo Motion Control’s Gold range of servo drives and can operate as a single-axis control solution or as part of a mixed multi-axis control system configured in a distributed real-time network. All Elmo Gold series drives benefit from straightforward set up and tuning using the Windows® based Elmo Application Studio II (EASII) software.

Elmo Motion Control is a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of characteristically advanced servo drives and motion control systems that feature industry leading power and intelligence densities. With applications that span mainstream to high end, the Company is highly regarded for its flexibility to deliver competitively priced multi-axis servo motion systems in a wide variety motor technologies, power ratings, network choice, and level of intelligence.

Heason Technology represents a select number of leading global manufacturing partners, providing a comprehensive range of first-class motion control components that are combined with a full in-house design and build service for complete motion system solutions.

Article published on: 23/09/2014

Article last updated on: 23/09/2014