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Expert motion control: Elmo Motion Control launches inertial platform stabilisation solution

Elmo Motion Control, represented in the UK by Heason Technology, has recently launched a complete ready-to-use motion control solution for inertial platform stabilisation. Combining matched off-the shelf motion control products compatible with gyro-level signal input, the motion controller and servo drives can be adapted to control any number of motion axes for platform stabilisation applications, ranging from defence and commercial azimuth/elevation tracking systems to air, ground and marine guided vehicles. The main image above is a schematic showing Elmo Motion Control’s inertial stabilisation platform components in a typical configuration.

Elmo’s inertial platform stabilisation solution impresses with its miniature Platinum Lion network motion controller. With EtherCAT communications and cycle times of less than 250 microseconds, the multi-axis controller delivers high-precision axis and IO synchronisation with a jitter of less than five microseconds for up to four inertial stabilised platforms. The lightweight and compact Platinum Lion has a proven record of harsh environment motion tasks in defence and aerospace equipment. Fast and responsive real-time multi axis synchronisation through a rich complement of digital and analogue IOs enables high level deterministic interfacing with accelerometers, encoders, serial devices, IMUs and gyroscopes.

The Lion motion controller utilises the full power of Elmo Motion Control's EASII application software. The advanced wizard-based software provides drive and motor tuning, multi-axis configuration and the motion programming environment, as well as advanced functions such as motion simulations, kinematic configuration and advanced error mapping tools. Further advanced control features such as SIL (Software in the Loop) allow customers to develop their own control algorithms to streamline the design process, protect their sensitive IP and ultimately to save platform manufacturers hardware and software development timescales.

The Gold Bee series high-performance, high density servo drives offer power ranges up to 4.0 kW, with current ratings to more than 50 A at 100 V C. These ultra-compact and ultra-light weight drives are designed for harsh environment mobile applications and perfectly suit inertial platform motion control tasks. With sample times as low as 50 μsec for current, velocity or position loops, the drives comply with harsh safety and environmental standards and EMC. Provision for absolute serial encoders, incremental encoders, digital and analogue halls as well as resolvers make the choice of appropriate application matched servo motors straightforward.

For servo motor selection, Heason technology has a very wide range in its portfolio and through its design and build capability is able to provide positioning mechanics including azimuth/elevation units, XY and rotary tables or individual mechanical and electronic motion components for customer build.title1

Complementing its extensive in-house design and build capability with sourced products through distribution partnerships with leading motion component and systems manufacturers, Heason Technology is a prominent UK-based system integrator for custom-built high precision motion control and automation equipment. 

For Heason, its partner companies provide the building block components that can range from single items such as linear bearings or encoders through to complex stand-alone hardware and software-based motion sub-systems. One such distribution partner, very much in the latter category, is Elmo Motion Control - the Israel-based motion control and motion-critical applications company. The designer and manufacturer of servo drives, advanced network motion controllers and complete motion control solutions for industrial and harsh environment applications has formed an integral part of many of Heason’s applications that span scientific research, industrial automation, defence and aerospace manufacturing, medical equipment, motorsports and more. 

Image: Heason Technology designed azimuth/elevation positioner

Article published on: 28/10/2019