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Compact and modular servo actuator: Spinea adds new flexible installation model to DriveSpin series compact servo actuator range

Spinea's DriveSpin (DS) range of ultra-compact and high-torque rotary positioning actuators integrate an AC servomotor and feedback device with the well-proven TwinSpin® high-load capacity reduction gear unit.

Available from Heason Technology, the leading motion systems designer and integrator, the DS range has now been expanded to include a new variant that offers additional mounting possibilities. The DSM series features a special housing design with adaptable fixings for the direct and versatile mechanical interfacing of end effectors and other automation components without the need for adapters or support brackets. Its modular design also allows the simple assembly of self-supporting ‘kinematic’ modules by connecting DSM’s together. 

The new DSM series joins the standard and hollow-shaft variants of the DS range that provide industry leading tilting and torsional stiffness, high precision and accuracy with minimal vibration and long service life. The impressive torque-to-size ratio across the whole range will save space and cost in robotics, precision positioning stages, machine tools and other high performance machine applications,

Spinea’s TwinSpin reduction gear units feature a patented trochoidal gear reduction principle that is based on rotating outer and inner planetary gears supported in precision high load capacity needle roller bearings. As the input shaft and gear rotates, the eccentric action of the planetary gearing - with almost 50% simultaneous gear meshing - rotates the outer ring in the same direction, efficiently transmitting very high torque with backlash-free performance.

The new DSM model is available in three frame sizes with square sections of 50, 70 and 110 mm in compact lengths (just 150 mm for the 70 mm frame option). An impressive specification includes continuous torque output from 18 Nm for the 50 mm model and up to 122 Nm for the 110 mm model - with acceleration and braking torque rated at 200% continuous torque. Output speeds in the order of 50 to 80 rpm are dependent on gear ratios and bus voltages which range from 24V DC up to 560V DC. 

Most remarkable are the TwinSpin’s characteristic torsional and tilting stiffness values where the 70 mm model boasts 7 Nm/arc-min and 35 Nm/arc-min respectively and across the range values are equally impressive. With superior hysteresis, excellent backlash and other significant performance related specifications the DSM is equipped for very high performance and high load rotary positioning – with long life and proven reliability even at high throughput rates.

Feedback options include resolvers, single & multi-turn absolute encoders, or HIPERFACE or EnDAT encoders. A brake option is also available - length may vary due to the choice of feedback device and optional brakes. Alternative position feedback options are available from Heason Technology including external load mounted rotary or linear encoder systems. 

With its own in-house design and build system integration service, the West Sussex based integrator can supply the DSM series or other Spinea TwinSpin-equipped precision actuator assembles as part of fully automated motion assemblies that include bespoke mechanics, servo drives, feedback sensors and motion controls, with cable management and other automation system components.

Article published on: 23/11/2016

Article last updated on: 23/11/2016