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Windy500 - Travelling to Sogndalfjora

So after a good nights sleep in the Lotus I woke to a very wet camp site.

The footwell on the Lotus was mildly moist but it did not make it through the sleeping bag.  I am glad I did not sleep in my tent as there was at least a gallon of water inside!

So we stuffed all the damp stuff in the car an set off.  Heading north out of Bergen on the E16 towards Voss we came across a few very nice roads with quite a few tunnels.

From Voss we drove towards Flam passing a pretty waterfall.  On exiting another tunnel we were surprised to see a full size cruise ship next to the road.  We had planned to travel up the pretty railway but it was fully booked so we went to a scenic vantage point over the fjord with a nice wiggly road.

After a brief stop it was of to an old church via a few more tunnels.

We went through over 40 tunnels today and most of them were longer than 1000m.   However we also went through a tunnel which was over 24000m!   Yes that is over 24km and it even had 3 separate stopping areas with mood lighting for the weary traveller.

After many tunnels and waterfalls we found the Stave church.  Originally there were over a thousand of these churches but now there are only twenty something and this one was one of the most original.  Built between 1130 and 1350!

After a quick look at another waterfall and a few more tunnels we arrived at the camp site near Sogndalfjora.  There are clouds about so will decide on tent or car later.

– John –

Article published on: 19/06/2014

Article last updated on: 19/06/2014