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Windy500 - Oppdal to Hamar

The camp site at Oppdal last night was brilliant, the cabin was very warm with everything you could wish for including a shower that blasted water at you!

There was only one small problem last night. Steve in the van had driven to the camp then headed back into town to get some food and diesel, however, the van spluttered to a halt on the way to town and 5 km from the camp!  Unluckily, I along with almost all the other teams, had already had 2 drinks and that would put us over the Norwegian limit,  but, luckily, Craig from Team Olly had not started so I emptied my can of petrol from the Lotus and went out with Craig in the limo to find Steve so he could get a gallon of diesel to get him to the garage.

Disasters over it was time for a well earned sleep.

Today, was a late start and a short day, we drove down from Oppdal through a national park then through Lillehammer (1994 Winter Olympics with Eddie the eagle) and on to Hamar. I could not be bothered to camp tonight so I am staying in a little tin shed.

After emptying out the Lotus I found I could not lock or then open the driver-side door!  Opening it from inside was OK so I removed the door trim to had a look at the lock.

When I originally bought the car the door locks and handles were hanging out so I had to extensively repair the handle to fix them.  It looks like some of the glue had broken allowing it all to go slack.  I am not convinced that this was the problem but that’s the only thing I can find.  It has not helped that I am trying to fix it in a swarm of Mosquitos.  I hate Mosquitos at the best of times but it’s worse when your trying to do something.

I have removed the handle and lock and re-glued it with the “come in handy” Araldite.  Hopefully it will work tomorrow and the Mosquitos will have gone!

We are leaving Norway tomorrow and heading to Gothenburg in Sweden.

– John –

Article published on: 24/06/2014

Article last updated on: 24/06/2014