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Windy500 - Home safe and sound

After a Wild West themed party on the camp-site outside Brugge we all stayed in chalets. In the morning, after breakfast, we headed for the ferry. We were originally planning to visit Brugge but it was hammering down with rain again so trying for

We made it to the ferry port in time to catch the 12:00 pm ferry, sailing along with a few of the other teams.  After a small error in navigating coming out of the ferry terminal in the UK (heading up the A2) we were on track for home.

Now that I knew I was covered by the RAC if I had a problem I did not spare the gearbox, and we cruised back in top gear as fast as I could (just less than 3000 rpm as I have still not sorted an imbalance problem in the props shaft / final drive!)

Dropping Sarah off at Poole I was home!

In total the Lotus we covered 4131 Miles at an average economy of 26 miles per gallon.  We put in 3 gallons of engine oil and also 1 litre of gearbox oil during the trip.

I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and support and I hope to see some of you come on the next Windy500 event.

Spooky has mentioned a number of possible options for the next event and speculation was rife from travelling to the bottom of Italy or going to Morocco and there may even be a non car related trip where you turn up at a designated airport with your passport and find out where we are off to next!  If you are interested keep checking the websitewww.windy500.co.uk

– John –

Article published on: 30/06/2014

Article last updated on: 30/06/2014