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Heason Technology at the Engineering Design Show 2016

Heason recently demonstrated cutting edge motion components and solutions at the Engineering Design Show in Coventry.

This year there was a central focus on the specialist motion engineering solutions including a PAN & TILT recently designed and built by Heason Technology for a demand line-of-sight communication application. Our aim was to showcase our ability to produce bespoke motion systems across a variety of industrial and aerospace applications.

It was a busy Show with many visitors to our stand including designers, engineers and industry professionals.

What products did we showcase?

To complement the PAN & TILT centre piece we also showcased an array of components used within its system. These included:

  • Kollmorgen Motors - high performance stepper and servo motors with high power density, optional integral brakes, electronics and feedback.
  • Kollmorgen Drives - include standalone or network, analogue, digital, CAN, EtherCAT, multiple feedback options and on-board position control.
  • Thomson Planetary Gearheads - high reduction ratio gears, zero backlash, high precision, bearing reducer gears and high performance multi-stage gears where a high torque to volume ratio is required.
  • Elmo Drives – supporting CANopen and EtherCAT protocols equipped with the latest advanced technology for applications under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Spinea Zero Backlash Gears – designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accuracy, low lost motion, high moment capacity and high stiffness of a compact design with a limited installation zone, and low mass
  • Servotecnica Slip Rings - standard and customisable Slip Rings / Electric Rotary Joints suitable for for power transmission and electrical signals.
  • Zettlex IncOders - non-contact, inductive angle encoders for high-precision, reliable measurement in harsh environments.

What we enjoyed about the Engineering Design Show…

As with previous shows, Heason Technology tries to be a little different by having an eye catching centre piece to our stand. This year it was our PAN & TILT system.

To catch attention we fixed a striking wave tank to the top of the PAN & TILT which was programmed to continuously rotate and oscillate back and forth.

This motion created a stunning slow-motion wave in the tank which stopped people in their tracks. Take a look at the Show video which features our wave tank in action at 1 minute 30 seconds.

More on the PAN and TILT Mechanism Demo

If you visited us at the Show you would have seen our latest precision motion solution in the form of a brand new high precision, high power PAN & TILT mechanism system.

This system is a durable and high-load capacity PAN & TILT positioner housed in a robust IP67- rated cast aluminium environmental enclosure which is suitable for harsh environments.  The dual axis drive system also features micro-stepped hybrid stepper motors driving single stage, zero backlash gear systems.

About Engineering Design Show

From the main exhibition itself, to conferences and workshops, the Engineering Design Show caters for all aspects of engineering design in a dynamic environment all under one roof.

Now in its fifth year, the Show continues to offer visitors the chance to hear industry leading speakers, gain insider tips and tricks, and also meet and do business with more than 200 exhibitors.

This year the Show offered hands-on demonstrations of the latest Virtual Reality engineering design tools in the Future Zone. It is the only event that provides for all the needs of the UK design engineers.

If you have a questions or an application you need support with call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email sales@heason.com

Article published on: 10/11/2016

Article last updated on: 10/11/2016