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Heason Technology at the DSEI Show 2015

During September Heason demonstrated cutting edge motion products and solutions at the DSEI Show in London.

What Products were on Display?

At this year’s DSEI Show we displayed a selection of products from our comprehensive portfolio of motion components which were appropriate for the security, defence, aerospace and extreme environment conditions.

Motion products included:

As a centre piece of the show we had our Servo Electric Hexapod which visitors were able to control using a unique six degree-of-freedom joystick connected over EtherCAT whilst floating a beach ball demonstrating the Benoulli principle.

 What is the Hexapod?

Our Hexapod actually compromises of two hexapods – a large servo-electric actuator driven unit that can run pre-programmed motion sequences or can be configured to mimic the movement of a smaller, manually controlled, six-degree-of-freedom joystick with six linear position sensors.

Benoulli’s principle orginated from Swiss scientist, Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782), where he demonstrated that in most cases the pressure in a liquid or gas decreases as the liquid or gas moves faster. For example, this explains (in part) why wings can lift an airplane or how the beach ball floated above our exhibition stand.

What Products Proved Most Popular?

We had a lot of interest in our Hexapod at the DSEI Show as it appeared to be one of only a very few moving displays at the show so visitors wanted to know exactly how it worked - our latest press release “Heason Technology Build EtherCAT Controlled Hexapod” explains further.

What We Enjoyed About the DSEI Show…

Sharing a stand with our sister company, Variohm EuroSensor, strengthened the objective of building upon the bond between the companies in the group. It was a good chance to offer a wider portofilo of products to support a diverse selection of applications.

Polly Edwards, Marketing and Exhibition Coordinator at Heason, comments,

“I usually only see what happens behind the scenes but to be part of the stand team was a great privalege”

“I had the chance to walk the show and witness it from a visitor perspective giving me great insight into how we can further hone our presentation skills for future shows. It was great to see all the innovative designs and products on display, and even take part in the interactive elements. For Heason, one of the main objectives was visitor interaction and experience, so I was really pleased with how the show went”.

About the DSEI Show

Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) is a defence and security equipment exhibition held every two years in London.

The DSEI Show draws thousands of visitors from both the trade and military industries. It is the world’s largest fully integrated international defence exhibition featuring six themed zones including Land, Air, Naval, Security Unmanned and Medical Innovation.

The DSEI returns in September 2017.

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Article published on: 09/10/2015

Article last updated on: 09/10/2015