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Linear Actuators from Heason Technology are well suited and proven in a variety of applications. Some of our Linear Actuators offer customisable stroke lengths up to 915 mm, and can provide full load forces as high as 6670 N (1500 lbf). They are available in both DC (12, 24, 36) and AC (115, 230, 400) voltage models.

Linear Actuators Range

Linear Actuators from Heason Technology are easy to mount and operate. They require no maintenance, are easy to integrate into an automated process, do not leak hydraulic fluid and will reliably work under the toughest of conditions.

Features of linear actuators

Many of our Linear Actuators possess the following features:

Industries and applications for linear actuators

Linear Actuators are well used in industries including; packaging, food processing, industrial vehicles, factory automation, material handling, clean energy, printing, automotive, machine tool, marine, aerospace, defence and pharmaceutical industries.

Linear Actuators are used in many diverse applications, anything which requires either; lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, rotating or positioning a load will often use a linear actuator. For example;

Industrial equipment:

Health and Fitness: Domestic and Office:

Our range of linear actuators can been see above. Click the individual links to view product specific details. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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