Simulation & Motorsport

Heason Technology has wide experience in development and test systems used across automotive engineering and motorsports related industries. Latest technology decentralised servo motion systems provide highly dynamic simulation of real-world road and track conditions. Super-fast EtherCAT fieldbus-enable motion controls and drives with microsecond-level servo update rate capability to deliver unparalleled multi axis synchronisation.

Our experience extends to multi-axis systems for Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulators for motorsports as well as other simulators for evaluating and measuring suspension and steering systems, noise and vibration characteristics and more. Complete systems include servo motors, servo actuators with precision gear units all complemented with state of the art motion controls for high speed axis synchronisation.

Our work in simulation also extends to the film and television industries with an EtherCAT controlled 6-axis hexapod that is used as a model mover. With servo controlled linear actuators and Ether CAT based drives fully synchronised for precise motion control, the  ‘motion base’ precisely enables objects or even actors to move in any linear and rotational direction. The Stewart Platform concept can be applied to any motion simulation requirement where precise positioning is required in all six degrees of freedom.

Simulation & Motorsport

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