Industrial Automation

Heason Technology's work in general industrial automation combines the many mechanical, electromechanical, motion control and software products we have in our portfolio. Through our long term distribution partnerships with motion component manufacturers and our own in-house design and systems integration capability we can supply single component solutions through to complete motion-centric multi-axis sub systems.

Our extensive range of products includes linear bearings, leadscrews and ballscrews, stepper and servo motors, precision gear units, servo feedback devices, servo and stepper drives, motion controls, and software. We have expertise in all the latest industrial fieldbus protocols. Secure wireless connectivity allows more flexible control with Industry 4.0 capable motion controls offering a transformation in factory automation. 

Our design engineering expertise extends to bespoke mechanical position solutions as linear and rotary tables, servo or stepper driven rotary actuators, hexapod platforms, azimuth /elevation units and more. As automation is increasingly used to help reduce costs and improve product quality and consistency,  Heason Technology will impress as your preferred partner.

Industrial Automation

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