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Our range of Gears & Rotary Actuators are one of our most popular product categories. Our portfolio includes high reduction ratio gears, zero backlash gears, high precision gears, bearing reducer gears and high performance multi-stage planetary gears. These gears are suitable for motion control applications, robotics, medical applications, machine tools, navigation and security.
Gears & Rotary Actuators Range

Applications for gears & rotary actuators  

As you can imagine, gears & rotary actuators are used across many industries and the applications that they can be used for are vast. Here are a few of the most common industries and applications we have serviced:


Automation and Service Robotics 

Navigation and Monitoring 

Machine Tools

All of our gears & rotary actuators available are shown above. You can narrow the selection by using the filter on the right hand side of the page. 

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