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The ball screws and lead screws that we can offer are well suited linear motion applications. All of our ball screws and lead screws are from our supplier Thomson Linear. 

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Ball screws

Ball screws use ball bearings to eliminate friction between the nut and the screw. Ball screws can offer a high level of efficiency, load capacity and positioning accuracy.

The ball screws from Heason can be used in the most extreme environments such as high performance machine tools which have very high demands and also in very delicate and sensitive applications for example; in medical devices.

Our ball screws are available in a full range of diameters, leads and ball nut configurations with pre-loaded or non-preloaded options available. All of these are to industry standard and provide dependable accuracy and repeatability at a good price.  

Offering excellent reliability and reliable performance, our ball screws consistently perform the way they are expected to. The materials used are to the highest quality and are compatible with many applications ensuring a long life.

Advantages of ball screws

Lead screws

Our lead screws offer a smooth precise and cost effective solution for linear motion requirements. They are accurate to 0.003in/ft and the PTFE coating process that our lead screws are exposed to means that they have less drag torque and will last longer.

Choose from plastic nut assemblies in either anit-backlash or Supernut designs which all use an internally lubricated Acetal, this provides excellent lubricity and wear resistance weather additional lubrication is used or not. We can provide assemblies with high axial stiffness, zero backlash and minimum drag torque to reduce motor requirements, these products will mean that your system will cost less, perform better and last longer making them great value for money.

If you have a significantly higher load, we have bronze nuts available. These provide the support needed for high capacity loads and have a good PV performance.

Advantages of using lead screws

All of our ball screws and lead screws can be seen above. Click on the products for more information and to access literature from our supplier. Please contact us if you require any further information on any of our ball screws or lead screws.

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