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How the Thomson Max Jac®  Linear Actuator excels under the harshest conditions

How the Thomson Max Jac® Linear Actuator excels under the harshest conditions

The Thomson Max Jac® linear actuator has been built to deliver superb performance in harsh environments. One of the most rugged actuators available on the market today, the reliable Max Jac linear actuator requires little to no maintenance or service. Its high degree of corrosion protection also makes it ideal for use with tough materials like fertilisers, chemicals and oils.

The Max Jac linear actuator has undergone rigorous testing throughout its entire development process ensuring that it will deliver trouble-free operations, long life and outstanding performance. Features include:

The Max Jac can be used in many types of applications, but it excels under harsh conditions

Every aspect of this actuator has been designed and tested to ensure longevity, reliability and high performance.

Dust, dirt, and mud:

The Max Jac linear actuator is rated for IP66/IP69K and has been tested for 500 hours with a salt spray. It withstands dirt, dust and water, and also aggressive substances such as fertilizers, acid, oil, grease, and cleaning agents.

Arctic to desert temperatures:

The operating temperature range of the Max Jac stretches from -40 to +85 °C which is the greatest range of any actuator on the market. It can operate in almost any environment.

Water, water and more water:

Unlike most actuators the Max Jac can be washed directly with high pressure water jets and be submerged for short periods when not operating. As a result, this eliminates the need for bellows or other protective devices. The Max Jac simplifies cleaning and installation, reduces the size of the installation, and lowers the total cost. 

The Max Jac is an ideal solution for tough environments or wherever longevity and maintenance free operation is essential 

It is specifically designed to be used in applications that need:

The Max Jac can be used to control sand/salt/ fertilizer spreaders, hatches, doors and throttles and is ideal in vehicles used for:

It is also an excellent choice for yacht, ship and oil platform applications due to its ability to withstand water, salt and chemicals, as well as its ideal operating temperature range. Other suitable application areas include the food industry, trains, trams and mining equipment.

For more information visit the Thomson Max Jac Linear Actuator product page on our website. 

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Date: 13 / 07 / 2018

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