Neutron Shutter

Heason Technology have been commissioned to deliver neutron beam modifying Jaw Packages for the WISH and Nimrod instruments at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source. 

ISIS uses neutron scattering as a powerful non-destructive tool that can penetrate and reveal the molecular structure of materials using beams of neutrons and incredibly sensitive detectors. WISH and Nimrod are two of several instruments in TS2 that use a variety of techniques that allow scientists to understand the atomic structure of materials by measuring the spacing of atoms and the forces between them.

The design specification for both applications called for the construction materials to be aluminium, non magnetic stainless steel or plastic. Ceramic servo motors were a natural choice for positioning each of the four blades in the Jaw package assembly. Supplied by NanoMotion, an exclusive distribution partner of Heason and with a legacy of demanding nanometre-scale positioning applications, the technology is completely non-magnetic and suits vacuum environments perfectly.

Each blade was driven with two synchronised ceramic motors, configured with either 4 or 8 elements depending upon the load and force required for the Jaw Package size. A further benefit of the ceramic motor is its ability to hold and lock position with zero position shift when power is removed. 

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