Missile Flight Simulator

Heason Technology constructed this large scale gantry positioning system for MBDA to operate in a vertical orientation inside an anechoic chamber to test RF guidance systems on the Meteor missile system.

Rather than costly live firing trials, this state-of-the-art, purpose built facility allows MDBA to “fly” the missile in a simulated environment.

The gantry designed and built by Heason is largely manufactured from custom carbon fibre sections. Two vertical travelling beams carry servo driven payload tables each capable of sub-millimetre repeatability whilst carrying a 25Kg payload with accelerations up to 1G and peak speed of 3.0 metres per second.

Vertical displacement is 8 metres.  Horizontal displacement is 12 metres with each “beam” being driven in tight synchronisation by three servo motors at the junction to the curved rail system.

The control system is based around two PMAC motion controllers. One PC based MACRO system with distributed control over fibre optics. The other, standalone UMAC system, as full dual redundant backup to protect against component failure and safe guard the customer payload valued in excess of £1M.

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