Medical Pick & Place

Heason Technology’s new range of low-cost Cartesian style gantry positioning systems are aimed at pick and place applications in the growing biomedical and laboratory automation market and other industries where medium precision and medium duty robotic handing for assembly or parts sorting is required.

The design is based on our own PLA range of low costleadscrew actuators which feature an extruded aluminium housing and a robust linear motion guide support bearing system in a compact modular package that allows XY and XYZ positioning systems to be designed and built quickly and effectively. The standard range will accommodate X and Y travel to 300 mm with a 75 mm travel Z axis with custom travel available on request.

The microstepping motor driven actuator assemblies can be supplied complete with drives, motion controls, cable management, overtravel and datum switches.

Further customisation features can include motor mounted encoders for position verification, handwheels for manual positioning, pick and place grippers, and other fixtures to suit application requirements. The T-slot housings are assembled together using simple clamping nuts that allow the combined actuators to be assembled in almost any orientation. 

The positioning resolution on each axis is typically between 5 and 25 microns depending upon the microstepping motor resolution used. Positioning repeatability is specified to 25 microns and maximum traversing speeds are up to 50 mm/sec.

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