Danfysik Gap Wiggler

The project involved the supply of six complete EPICS based control systems, with each controller capable of 4 axis synchronised motion control, interfacing with the Danfysik built advanced permanent insertion devices which are known as Moveable Gap Damping Wigglers.

Insertion devices are used to generate synchrotron radiation and the damping wigglers reduce the beam emittance so as to ensure the optimum luminosity as well as provide a broadband, high intensity source of x-ray radiation. The new Brookhaven electron storage facility will have a beam intensity that is some 10,000 times larger than its predecessor and one important and topical area of science that will be explored is to investigate the potential for clean, affordable energy.

Heason Technology were commissioned the design, production and development of the control system hardware and software with assembly and local testing at their facility in Slinfold, as well as on-site installation and test in Denmark.

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